Best answer: Can you use a headset with Cronus Zen?

As there is no headset audio support over Bluetooth, Cronus Zen has a bypass feature that allows you to connect your headset directly to the Pass-Thru Auth Controller (see above PS4 example). You can also use an Xbox One Wireless Adapter with a Bluetooth controller – this supports Headset Audio.

Can you use a headset with CronusMAX?

However, any headset that can connect directly to the console either wired or wireless should fine work as long as it does not plug into the CronusMAX PLUS, or into a controller that is being utilized by the CronusMAX PLUS at that current time. Click HERE for a list of compatible headsets and solutions.

Can you use a headset as a mic?

To use your headphones as a mic plug your headphones into the mic input of the mixer. Make sure the mic levels are turned all the way down, talk into the mic and bring up the levels as needed. … Make your announcement, turn off the mic, then unplug your headphones. Easy as that.

Can you use a headset with Kinect?

Works very simply if they are headphones that are wireless or connect directly to the Xbox. Although you’ll have to sit close to your Kinect if you want your friends to hear you well. Connect your headphones to your TV and use kinect to speak in chat. … Not if you’re using the headset adapter.

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Is Cronus Zen legit?


It’s legit.

How do I use headphones and mic on PS4?

Plug your wired headset to the PS4 controller. Select Output Device, then select Headset Connected to Controller. To properly set up and test your headset mic, go back to the Audio Devices page and select Adjust Microphone Level. Adjust the microphone input level using the slider accordingly.

How do I set my headphones as a mic?

Click the “Recording” tab on the Sound control panel. Continuously blow on or tap your earphones and watch for green bars to react, indicating that your device is picking up the noise. After you confirm that your improvised microphone is listed and working, select it and click the “Set Default” button.

How do I talk to my Xbox One Kinect?

All commands begin with the word “Xbox.” This activates the Kinect, which starts listening for the rest of your command. If you just say “Xbox” without saying an additional command, you’ll see a screen suggesting a few basic commands to get started.

Where is the Xbox One Kinect mic?

Under System Settings select Kinect Settings. Under the Kinect Settings select Chat Microphone. On the Chat Microphone menu select On.

Can I use Cronus Zen on PS5?

This controller can be used for gaming (no PS5 Auth controller required like with the PS4), or as a security license donor so you are able to play PS5/PS4 games using a Cronus Zen and your favorite controller, including the new DualSense Controller (DS5), the Sony DualShock 4 Controller (DS4) and most licensed Xbox …

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How do I know if my Cronus Zen is working?

As soon as the The Cronus Zen pairs successfully with your controller, it will appear as a connected device in Zen Studio and you can test the controller inputs using Device Monitor. Always test your controller in-game to make sure you have full functionality before attempting to use any GPC Scripts or GamePacks.

What can a Cronus Zen do?

Cronus Zen provides the highest speed and aiming accuracy possible for console shooters with precision Mouse & Keyboard optimization for the biggest FPS games, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more!

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