Where is the symbol in zen koi?

How do you play zen koi?

The game is played by tapping the screen. To move the Koi, the player needs to tap where they want it to go. A small circle will appear as a target, and the fish will move to that spot. The player can also tap on a prey, and the target will move along with it, causing the Koi to chase it.

How do you get essence in zen koi 2?

The player can collect Essence in the Dragon Realm after awakening their Dragon using an Awakening Orb. 12-17 Essence can be collected each time. Essence can also be purchased in the shop for real money. Essence is used to purchase in-game decorations for the player’s personal pond.

How do you complete patterns in zen koi 2?

The new patterns are unlocked through breeding: after the player collects 5 or more Koi of a given pattern a mate of a next pattern will come to the pond to breed. The player needs to hatch at least one Koi of a new pattern to unlock it.

What does rarity do in zen koi?

Rarity affects the outcome of your offspring. You can tap on the ‘? ‘ Symbol next to ‘Rarity’ title in the koi detail screen for the explanation of rarity in the game – ‘Higher rarity increases the chance that rare colors will be passed on to your offspring.

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How do you get puffer fish in zen koi?

1. Puffer fish. The trick is to swim behind them, and sneak up where they can’t see you coming. If you approach at any angle that’s not exactly behind them, they will spot you and inflate.

How do you breed fish in zen koi?

You will need to direct your koi to stay as close as possible to the mate. Te easiest way is to place your finger on the head of the mate, and slide it accordingly in order to follow it. As you keep up, a large circle will start to form around the two fish.

How do you get rare fish in zen koi 2?

How To Obtain Rare Koi In Zen Koi

  1. Even if you just pick up Zen Koi for a relaxing swim among beautiful fish, you’ll inadvertently find yourself yearning for rare koi patterns. …
  2. Spend pearls on slots, not new koi. …
  3. Keep an empty koi slot. …
  4. Always breed, always hatch eggs. …
  5. Max your koi’s levels one at a time. …
  6. Level speed and agility over rarity.

How do you breed fish in zen koi 2?

Getting a mate

Half-level mark When the player is swimming an adult koi, at every half level a koi mate will spawn in the pond, offering the player a chance to breed to get one egg. Collector’s koi will always get a mate with their own pattern.

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