How many endings does Zen have?

Like the rest of the main characters, Zen has three bad endings, and two bad relationship endings which occur if you did not get enough hearts for Zen.

Does Jaehee end up with Zen?

The player is now married to Zen and has gathered with him, Yoosung, and Jaehee to celebrate her earning another pay raise.

How many endings does Mystic Messenger have?

Each route has multiple endings – Bad Ends (fail states), one Normal End and one Good End. On your first playthrough it’s fun to experience Mystic Messenger organically – answering the beeps on your phone when you can, ignoring the ones you can’t, going with your gut on choices, and just rolling with whatever happens.

Do I tell Jaehee I like Zen?

Jaehee will occasionally step in and express her concerns about your relationship with Zen, but you should tell her that you understand her point of view without being dismissive of her. Lastly, remember to bite his hand when the opportunity arises to unlock his good ending.

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How do you end up with Zen?


  1. Respect Zen’s independence.
  2. Encourage Zen to make peace.
  3. Compliment Zen on his looks and especially his talents.
  4. Be romantic.
  5. Be open and get personal.
  6. Put Zen’s career ahead of flirting.
  7. Say you’re going to think of Zen.
  8. Tell Zen you miss him.

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How do I stop the Zen bad ending?

Tips to avoid Bad Endings:

  1. Flirt.
  2. Don’t be a douche.
  3. Don’t get jealous especially to Jaehee.
  4. Don’t let Jaehee and other fans dictate how Zen should live his life, but don’t attack them.
  5. Don’t force him to accept Jumin’s offer.
  6. Visit him.

Is Zen an albino?

Zen (stylized as ZEN) is the stage name of Hyun Ryu (류현, Ryu Hyeon), a 24-year-old musical stage artist. He has pale skin, red-brown colored eyes, and white-colored hair that is short at the front and long at the back, implying that he’s an albino.

How do you get the V bad ending 3?

Bad Story Ending 3 (day 10)

  1. Prioritize V’s condition rather than blaming and getting revenge on Rika.
  2. Don’t be aggressive.
  3. Think positive.
  4. Be sensitive/concerned about the other characters’ feelings especially Yoosung’s.
  5. Find a peaceful way to end the conflict.

Does V kill himself mystic messenger?

In the end, V was shot to death by Saeran. Although Rika threatened V that she would be the one who would “cleanse his soul” and destroy him, after he was shot by Saeran and parted his last words to her, she mourned over his death and suffered from a severe trauma due to that incident.

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How do you get V bad ending 1?

V Bad Story End 1: after passing the 4th day branch, select incorrect answers (mistrust and suspect V, agree with Ray and the Saviour) through to the 7th Day branch.

Who is Echo girl in Mystic?

Echo Girl has an overindulged personality who tends to believe that she can get everything she wants and trusts her father to back her up. As seen from the Zen scandal she started, she is desperate for attention.

Can you end up with Jaehee mystic messenger?

Like all Mystic Messenger characters, Jaehee’s route offers multiple endings. … Jaehee Good End: reach the party with 10 or more opened RSVP emails. Jaehee Bad Story End 1: select incorrect answers (pursue Zen romantically and reject Jaehee’s friendship) through to the Day 6 branch.

How do I stop jumin bad endings?

Tips to avoid bad endings:

  1. Don’t act like a gold digger or social climber.
  2. Stay classy and think logically.
  3. Don’t act like you’re his lover or his future wife.
  4. Be worried of his feelings but don’t overreact.

Is Jaehee’s route romantic?

You know Jaehee is happy by the end… and what might happen between her and the MC in the future is up to you. While the other routes are explicitly romantic, Jaehee’s is open-ended.

What is Zen’s bad ending?

Bad Story Ending 1

If the player is indifferent, or even hostile, towards Zen and the other RFA members, a bad ending will occur on Day 7. When it gets late Zen asks if the player can stay for a while longer, to which the player replies that they’re going to leave.

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How did Rika die?

Within the Casual and Deep Story routes, the player (MC) has limited information about Rika. When the player first joins RFA, the player is presented with the knowledge that Rika had passed away one and a half years ago due to suicide by drowning.

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