How do you see post karma and comment karma?

Total karma will be shown on your profile and when someone hovers over your username on desktop, they will see a breakdown of post karma and comment karma. Post karma is when people upvote your post and comment karma is when people upvote your comment. Remember that you will lose it when you get downvoted.

How can I see my comment and post karma?

If you simply wrote a comment on an existing post which received upvotes, it counts towards your Comment Karma. To view a user’s Post and Comment Karma, follow these steps: Go to and add /u/username to search for a user’s profile.

What is Post karma and comment karma?

When you submit a post, all upvotes on that post will be converted to karma. This is post karma. It comes from upvotes on posts. When you submit a comment, all upvotes on that comment will be converted to karma. This is comment karma.

How do I see my comment karma on Reddit?

You can check your comment karma from your profile. You may need to click/tap your combined karma. Your initial upvote does not count towards your karma.

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Do you get karma for text posts?

As most of you already know, fictional internet points are probably the most precious resource in the world. You get Karma when content you post to Reddit receives upvotes. … Your Karma is displayed on your userpage.

Do you keep karma if you delete a post?

At the moment, the karma you gain or lose is independent of the posts you gain or lose it from. In other words, deleting a post won’t strip you of the karma you built with it!

How do I check how much I have on comment karma?

You can see this by navigating to your user profile. On the desktop site, click your username in the upper right corner. If you’re using an app, it’ll be in there somewhere but it’s different for each app. You currently have 12 post karma and 6 comment karma.

How much karma can you get from a post?

You should have 30 to 40 karma points to post in subreddits. But some subreddits like r/branding are open for the users having 6–10 karmas.

Why do I have 1 post karma?

Brand-new accounts start off with 1 post karma, and all of your posts and comments start off with 1 upvote. Past that, the only way to get karma is for others to upvote your posts and comments. Be aware, though, that karma is not one-to-one with votes. … You start with 1 karma.

How does karma work in life?

Karma is at once the consequence of past actions and the opportunity for healing and balancing in the present. It is a balancing action that offers us chances through life circumstances, situations, and relationships to learn important spiritual lessons.

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How do you get more comment karma?

The best way to gain karma is to submit posts that other people find valuable and interesting and commenting on posts with insightful content. Being on-topic, relevant, funny, interesting, or engaging are great ways to earn comment karma. Being insulting, rude, or abusive is not. Snark can go either way.

Does one upvote equal 1 karma?

Karma refers to points received from upvotes, which are the Reddit equivalents of “likes” on Facebook. You receive approximately one point of karma for each upvote, and you lose about one point of karma for each downvote.

Can you post on Reddit without karma?

You need a small amount of comment karma before you can post anything. This is to keep spam posting less common. Just post a comment or two. The amount is only known by admins, but use 10 as a go to.

Do you lose karma for Downvotes?

No. Karma is worthless. The system has been abused from the start.

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