How do you get the bad ending in Zen?

If the player is indifferent, or even hostile, towards Zen and the other RFA members, a bad ending will occur on Day 7. When it gets late Zen asks if the player can stay for a while longer, to which the player replies that they’re going to leave.

Does Jaehee end up with Zen?

The player is now married to Zen and has gathered with him, Yoosung, and Jaehee to celebrate her earning another pay raise.

Why do I get bad ending in Mystic Messenger?

Getting too many hearts with anyone else will result in a bad end. You only need to shoot for about 50% chat attendance every day. Once you reach an ending the game restarts back to day one and you will have to play through the days again. Emails only affect whether or not you get the Good or Normal Ends on day 11.

How do I beat Zen’s route?


  1. Respect Zen’s independence.
  2. Encourage Zen to make peace.
  3. Compliment Zen on his looks and especially his talents.
  4. Be romantic.
  5. Be open and get personal.
  6. Put Zen’s career ahead of flirting.
  7. Say you’re going to think of Zen.
  8. Tell Zen you miss him.
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Does jumin have feelings for Rika?

It is hinted that Jumin had romantic feelings towards Rika as he stated that she was never meant to be his, but when Rika asks Jumin if they would have ended up together, Jumin tells her not to say things like that as they make him uncomfortable.

Do I tell Jaehee I have feelings for Zen?

Jaehee will occasionally step in and express her concerns about your relationship with Zen, but you should tell her that you understand her point of view without being dismissive of her. Lastly, remember to bite his hand when the opportunity arises to unlock his good ending.

Is Jaehee’s route romantic?

You know Jaehee is happy by the end… and what might happen between her and the MC in the future is up to you. While the other routes are explicitly romantic, Jaehee’s is open-ended.

How do you get V bad ending 1?

Bad Story Ending 1: Pick all the dialogue choices that are suspicious of V and RFA, show no concern for V and prioritize Ray and Rika over everyone else, P R A I S E M I N T E Y E. ALL HAIL THE GREAT SAVIOR!!!

Why did I get yoosung bad ending?

Bad Relationship Endings

He then reveals that he might have confused you with Rika, which misled him into thinking he had romantic feelings for you. Yoosung expresses his remorse, saying that he is not ready to be in a relationship yet, before leaving the chat room to hang out at Seven’s place afterwards.

Does yoosung become a Yandere?

Encouraging Yoosung to think of her as Rika, will lead to Yoosung to become more possessive and controlling, his “yandere” tenancies coming forth.

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Is Zen an albino?

Zen (stylized as ZEN) is the stage name of Hyun Ryu (류현, Ryu Hyeon), a 24-year-old musical stage artist. He has pale skin, red-brown colored eyes, and white-colored hair that is short at the front and long at the back, implying that he’s an albino.

How do I get Jaehee’s route?

Jaehee is only available in Mystic Messenger’s Casual Story mode. If you’re playing Deep or Another Story, you can’t catch her. As usual for our Mystic Messenger route get walkthroughs, we’re only listing the chats where you earn hearts for your target – in this instance, Jaehee.

How many endings does Zen have?

Like the rest of the main characters, Zen has three bad endings, and two bad relationship endings which occur if you did not get enough hearts for Zen.

Does V still love Rika?

V loved Rika dearly, even up to his eventual death. He made several comments in Secret 001 about what he viewed as her ‘innocent soul’, and saw her as his sun.

IS 707 in love with you in every route?

It’s clear that 707 cares deeply for you in every route, but it’s open to interpretation on whether it can be classified as “love”. It’s arguable that he just cares deeply for you as a friend.

Does 707 have feelings for Rika?

Me (SprinklesCupcake):Do you have feelings for Rika? 707:Yes, I do.

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