How do I get more plants in my Zen garden?

The best way to get Zen Garden plants is to play Survival: Endless, as all plants can be obtained in it and it is the level with the greatest number of zombies.

How do you get more plants in Plants vs Zombies 2?

In Plants vs Zombies 2, players are able to level up their plants and increase their abilities. To level up plants, you have to collect seed pockets, which can be obtained via Piñatas. When you have enough Seed Packets for a particular Plant, you can use them to start levelling up.

How do you get aquatic plants in Zen garden?

To get the aquatic plants, you have to play a pool or fog level in Adventure (replay mode), or minigame mode. In a pool level, you may get Lily Pad or Tangle Kelp. In a fog level, you may occasionally get the Sea-Shroom.

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What does chocolate do in Zen garden?

Feeding Stinky a piece of chocolate will cause him to accelerate considerably and stay awake for an hour. In the iPad and iPhone versions of Plants vs. Zombies, Stinky will continue to collect coins after the Zen Garden is closed after being fed chocolate.

How do you get sprouts in Plants vs Zombies?

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, sprouts are dropped randomly by zombies or rewarded in Piñatas. When picked up, sprouts will be added to the player’s total sprout count. They can drop at virtually any time, and over the course of common gameplay may yield one or two sprouts per non-Endless Zone level.

What is the most powerful plant in pvz2?

Top 10 Plants in “Plants Vs. Zombies 2” (2020)

  • Sun-shroom. Cost: 25 Sun.
  • Shadow Peashooter. Cost: 125 Sun. …
  • Gold Bloom. Cost: 0 Sun. …
  • Winter Melon. Cost: 500 Sun. Recharge: Fast. …
  • Primal Potato Mine. Cost: 50 Sun. Recharge: Sluggish. …
  • Laser Bean. Cost: 200 Sun. Recharge: Fast. …
  • Cold Snapdragon. Cost: 150 Sun. Recharge: Fast. …
  • Lightning Reed. Cost (at level 1): 125 Sun. Recharge: Fast. …

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What is the most expensive plant in pvz2?

Cornucopia is the most expensive plant card in the game, costing 10 sun to play.

What plants are in a Zen garden?

Plants Fit for a Zen Garden

  • Japanese Maple. Japanese Maples trees are one of the most collected and desirable trees sold in nurseries today. …
  • Bamboo. Bamboo is a key design element to Zen Garden for its unique growth habit, structure, and height. …
  • Pine Trees. …
  • Hinoki Cypress. …
  • Camellias. …
  • Cherry Tree. …
  • Ornamental Grasses.
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What kind of sand do you use in a Zen garden?

Sand or Gravel

Crushed granite, fine gravel or small pebbles are spread across the flat surface of a Zen garden. These particles should be angular rather than round so you can rake them into patterns. In a brightly lit area, darker sand or gravel works better than light materials because it won’t reflect as much glare.

How do I wake up sleeping plants in my Zen garden?

Mushrooms are night plants and sleep during the day. And in your default Zen garden it is always day. So you need to purchase the night garden and move the sleeping plants there, then they will wake up.

What’s the point of buying bacon in Pvz?

The bacon serves no actual purpose and only wastes money.

How long does chocolate last in Plants vs Zombies?

Overview. Chocolate can be fed to Zen Garden plants when fully grown and Stinky the Snail. When fed to Stinky, he will move much faster and will not fall asleep until one hour passes. When utilized on plants, chocolate will cause them to drop money at approximately four times the normal rate for five minutes.

What is the fastest way to get coins in Plants vs Zombies?

There are multiple ways to make money quickly in Plants vs. Zombies, a practice also known as gold farming. You can also play certain levels such as any Survival Hard or Endless levels, Column Like You See ‘Em, and Last Stand.

How do you get free plants in Plants vs Zombies?

You can get free plants by playing the mini games or adventure. They are dropped by zombies the same way coins or diamonds are.

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How do you switch between plants and zombies?

How do I switch teams from plants to zombies, or zombies to plants? In Giddy Park, you can go to the Recruitment Station to switch teams from plants to zombies, or zombies to plants. Alternatively, you can open the Main Menu, select “Respawn,” and then select “Switch Team.”

How do you get different colored marigolds in Plants vs Zombies?

When a Zen Garden Marigold is highlighted by the Watering Can in the Nintendo DS version of Plants vs. Zombies, she may change color instead of lighting up. The color she changes to depends on what color she is , and the petals may not change entirely, leaving small patches of the original color.

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