Best answer: Where can I use Karma Koin?

KARMA KOIN is the convenient way to make purchases in your favorite online games. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This KARMA KOIN prepaid digital gift card may only be redeemed online at the service providers listed at

How do you use Karma Koin?

How to Redeem Nexon Karma Koin(US)

  1. Choose Karma Koin.
  2. Change the billing information to United State and click Apply.
  3. Insert the pin and click Validate.
  4. Your transaction is successful. Top Up Nexon Karma Koin fast and cheap! It’s easy! Just select the desired denomination, complete the payment, and Karma Koin will immediately send to your email!

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Can I use Karma Koin on steam?

Steam Card Delivery has Karma Koin ready for you to get some of the hottest games around. Karma Koin online purchase is fast with us. All our cards are digitally delivered to your email within 15 minutes and can be used immediately.

Can I buy Karma Koin online?

Karma Koin gets your cash online so you can buy what you want, when you want, without having to use a credit card. Learn more at

Where can I buy Nexon Game Cards?

Nexon Prepaid Game Card : Target.

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How do I buy Karma Koin?

Go to the store and buy Karma Koin… Find a store near you that carries Karma Koin cards. You can buy them online or at several retail stores in your community using local payment methods. Play games, shop for items, select Karma Koin as the payment method and enter the PIN to make your purchase.

Is OffGamers safe?

OffGamers is definitely a legit and reliable source for gift cards and in fact one of the best options around in the industry.

How do I get NX prepaid?

NX Prepaid: NX Prepaid is purchased using Karma Koin, Nexon Game Cards, Xsolla, or PaySafeCard (PaySafeCard only available in Europe).

How long does Offgamers take to verify?

Modified on: Thu, 15 Nov, 2018 at 5:09 PM

All online purchases made requires to go through our verification process. This will usually take between 5 minutes to 24 hours time. Once the order has been completed, customers will be notified via email of the delivery of their purchase.

What are karma coins?

Product Description. Karma Koin gets your cash online so you can buy what you want, when you want, without having to use a credit card. Just by buying the things you want, you can help create positive change. One percent of each purchase made using a Karma Koin card goes to charity.

Where is the cash shop in Maplestory?

You can access the Cash Shop by clicking the yellow Cash Shop button on the bottom of the screen, or by using the Hotkey: ‘.

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How much is Nexon cash?

10,000 NX for $10 (€10 in EU) 30,000 NX for $30 (€30 in EU)

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