Best answer: How does droll reincarnation work?

When your opponent resolves a drawing or searching effect: Activate your “Trickstar Reincarnation” and chain “Droll & Lock Bird”. The chain will resolve in reverse order with “Droll” preventing anymore drawing/searching and then “Reincarnation” banishing the hand.

How do you do the reincarnation droll combo?

To use this combo correctly you have to activate Trickstar Reincarnation(Not during the Draw Phase) in response to them adding the card to their hand, and not to the activation of Thunder Dragondark. Then you will be able to use Droll & Lock Bird to complete the combo.

Does droll and lock Bird stop drawing?

Droll & Lock Bird can stop your opponent from setting up huge combos. Droll & Lock Bird is another monster with an effect you can use from your hand. Instead of stopping one thing, this card stops players from drawing or adding several cards to their hand in a single turn.

How does droll and lock bird work?

Droll and Lock Bird can only be activated following the resolution of a chain which involved adding a card from the deck to the hand. It does not necessarily have to be chain link 1, but it can only be used in the Fast Effect Response Window following a chain in which its activation requirement was met.

Can you activate dangers under droll?

A: Even if the effect of “Droll & Lock Bird” is preventing players from adding cards from the Deck to the hand, you can still activate the effect of a “Danger! … If the discarded card is “Danger! Bigfoot!”, the effect finishes resolving, and you can choose to activate the second effect of that discarded “Danger!

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