Best answer: Can you save Karma Black Ops 2?

If you manage to run up to him, you’ll have to kill him. Karma will be saved. You’ll talk to her at the end of the mission, when Harper and Salazar will be bringing DeFalco’s body on the plane (picture above).

Can you save Harper and karma?

So apparently to get the best Black Ops 2 ending you have to kill Harper. FALSE! There is a way you can actually save Harper and keep Karma alive. Keep in mind this can also save Woods, Mason, Briggs and countless others!

How do you keep karma alive?

To satisfy this condition, you need to make sure that you rescue the hacker, Karma, in the mission Karma or the Strikeforce Mission Second Chance. After this you must go through and successfully complete the Strike Force mission Dispatch. Additionally, you need to keep her alive by keeping Farid alive in Achilles Veil.

Can you stop DeFalco from escaping with karma?

Killing DeFalco or letting him escape – DeFalco will appear only if you didn’t kill him at the end of the Mission 06: Karma. Karma Saved – if you caught up with DeFalco at the end of mission 06: Karma or not, but completed the strike-force mission entitled Second Chance instead, Karma will appear.

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Can you save Mason Black Ops 2?

Save Mason by not shooting him in the head, go for the chest, even when Hudson screams at you to shoot for the head the second time, shoot the chest. Black Ops 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Treyarch. So apparently to get the best Black Ops 2 ending you have to kill Harper.

What happens if you kill Harper instead of Menendez?

It affects the ending. The details are below. If you kill Harper (first picture above), Menendez will leave this place, while Farid will briefly lose consciousness after the plane explosion.

How do you not burn Harper’s face?

If you want to burn Harper, drive on the left side. Harper’s burn will remain on his face till the end of the campaign (pictures above). If you don’t want Harper to get burnt, stay as close to the right side as you can. Harper will escape the facial burn (pictures above).

What is the best ending in Black Ops 2?

At the end of the mission you get to decide to either kill or capture Menendez, capture him, and you will get the best ending possible on Black ops 2! Thank you!

How many endings are in Black Ops 2?

The storyline of Call of Duty: Black Ops II has eight endings depending on which conditions the player fulfills over the course of the game. If the player spares Menendez’s life, completes all four Strike Force Missions, and both Chloe Lynch and Alex Mason survive the events of the game, the “best” ending will result.

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How do you kill DeFalco?

Just run past everything and only shoot something if you have to. I recommend using a sniper rifle as one of your weapons since Defalco is kind of far away once you get a chance to shoot him.

Who is karma bo2?

Chloe Lynch, also known as Karma, is a secondary character who appears in the campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Should I kill Admiral Briggs?

If you kill him however, even if you are friends with China and their reinforcements arrive, the Obama will be lost. If you don’t decide to shoot Briggs in the head or body, then Salazar will knock him out, but he’ll still live and be able to activate the defenses.

Can you save Anderson bo2?

She is escorted into an ambulance and is evacuated with the President. If Harper is alive, then Anderson will survive no matter what.

Can you not kill Mason in Black Ops 2?

How to save alex mason from dieing and get a cool ending! … You and ” False Profit ” will be sent onto a roof where you are sent to snipe ” Nexus Target ” who Hudson says is Raul Menendez but is actually Alex mason. If you shoot him in the leg he will survive and will later show up in the ending of your game.

Is it better to kill or capture Menendez?

Capturing him will be the best choice. Menendez will be taken to the prison if you decided to capture him. … If Mason survives, Chloe dies and Menendez survives, he will be taken to prison. It is also revealed that Alex Mason survived after getting shot by Woods and they reunite.

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Which bo2 ending is canon?

However, Treyarch established in their Black Ops timeline summary video that Menendez was killed, not captured, so any ending involving Menendez being killed at the end is the canon ending.

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